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Arem Duplessis, Gail Bichler, New York Times, Dustin Aksland

Arem Duplessis (Design Director) and Gail Bichler (Art Director) of The New York Times Magazine for Print. You can check out the story here:


GO Magazine, Travel, Food, Dustin Aksland, NYC

This was definitely one of the most fun assignments I’ve had in some time. The MO was to join a family on an eating tour of NYC and document every meal they shared for GO Magazine. The kicker was the kids were 6 and 8 years old, and we were hitting some pretty foodie spots, no children’s menus. Jackson Heights for Indian, Chinatown for noodles, and the West Village for some fine dinning. You never know what you are getting yourself into when photographing kids, but I was completely blown away (and relieved) when I met Oona and Daphne. Not only were they fearless when it came to trying the food, they had the vocabulary to articulate their thoughts and the sense of humor to make the best of a dish that didn’t work with their palate. I encourage you to read the story here: When these little girls have their own show on the Travel Channel, remember where you saw them first!

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George Lois, Monocle

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of joining George Lois for lunch at the Four Seasons in NYC. I was there to photograph George for Monocle’s “My Last Meal” column. George has been dinning at the Four Seasons since it first opened in 1959 and the day was filled with stories of the advertising world, his hate of Mad Men, his love for Miles Van der Rohe, basketball and power lunches with the likes of the Kennedy’s, Warhol, and Ali. It was definitely a day I will never forget and if you ever have the opportunity to have lunch at the Four Seasons, do it! Just make sure to show up with at least a sport coat on, unlike I did.


HHMI Bulletin

Loren Looger

Unfortunately Loren Looger is not “real” samurai, but fortunately for the science community, he is one hell of a scientist. In April I headed down to Janella Farm, just outside of Washington D.C to spend the day with the eccentric scientist, Loren Looger for HHMI Bulletin. I shadowed Loren on a typical day at the farm which consist of overseeing a crew of scientist, brainstorming new ideas to solve old problems and a little soccer thrown in for good measure. You can read the story here: Read More »

Manhattan Magazine

anne pasternak, nato thompson

Anne Pasternak and Nato Thompson at Tom Sachs’s studio, as he prepared for the “Space Program:Mars”. Anne is the President and Nato the chief curator at Creative Time, a NYC public art organization that has been producing some of the most groundbreaking art in NYC for the last 40 years. (Seriously, check them out.) You can see the story in this month’s Manhattan Magazine.


Deborah Brenner for the April issue of More magazine. You can check out the story here:


Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez ( the best challah spinner in the business) for the March Issue of More magazine. If you plan on purchasing some bread at the Union Square farmers market, make sure to pick it up from the Hot Bread Kitchen, they are doing great things for immigrant women in NYC.

All Gone 2011

I just got my hands on the 2011 All Gone. If you’re not familiar with All Gone, it’s kind of like a year book for the most sought after street culture items of the year. The book usually sells out before it’s even released and becomes a collectors item itself. This year I photographed the Harmony Korine + Supreme collaboration. There were many concepts thrown around and a completely different setup was planed to be shot, but when the models, props etc. didn’t show up on time, we had to improvise. This is definitely a departure from most of my work, but we had a blast shooting it and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. If you’re interested in grabbing a copy before they sell out, you can do so here: or drop by one of the launch parties going down this month.

Site Update: Travel + Leisure

This past July I spent 9 days in India roaming around two of the finest hotels in the world for Travel + Leisure. I’ve done travel stories before but this one was unique because I didn’t leave the hotel for the entire trip. The best way to describe it would be Lost In Translation meets The Shinning. (Not the redrum parts, just the being isolated in a large hotel parts)

My brief for the job was to “do what you do” which is always the best brief one can receive. First thoughts after receiving the assignment were, how the hell am I going to shoot one hotel for four days? Well, I sure was wrong. As the sun was setting on day four I was franticly running through the halls of the hotel trying to get to the ideal vantage point to capture that perfect closing shot.

Even though the rooms, views, food and pools were amazing, my best memories from the trip were the times hanging with the young porters (aka my assistants) bs ing about motorcycles, music and cricket. Being in a hotel for 9 days solo can get kind of lonely, so it was nice to run around these massive properties with my new friends who were as excited as I was about finding that good light.

This assignment was one of the best of my career, but the real icing on the cake was getting the January cover. Thanks again for giving me a shot Whitney.

Here are a couple outtakes and a tear.

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I recently spent the day photographing NYC architect Jeff Sherman and his beautiful Brooklyn brownstone home for the September issue of Dwell. It was inspiring to see what hard work, patience and a lot of creativity could produce on a limited budget. Check out Jeff’s great story here:

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