Site Update: The Indy Grand Prix

This August I spent four days at the Indianapolis GP with my father. The Moto GP series is the most prestigious platform for motorcycle racing in the world. The riders, teams and officials travel to 14 countries and compete in 18 races.They arrive on a Wednesday, unload and build the paddock Thursday, practice Friday, qualify Saturday, race Sunday and break everything down that night and do it all over again next week.

My father raced Moto GP in the 70’s and I spent a lot of my childhood in racing paddocks. This was my first GP in 5 years and it was planned as a father and son weekend not a photo project, but after arriving in the paddock and being consumed by the energy of the bikes, media and fanatics I knew I had to shoot it.

Having no media pass I snooped around as much as possible and focused mainly on the action that took place before and after the race. The fans and media are relentless (you must remember, in Europe these riders are up there with Footballers and Rock Stars) so I decided to take a step back and capture the frenzy. In the afternoon when the fans left and things mellowed out, I photographed the mechanics and racers.

These are some photos I shot while I was in Indianapolis having a great four days with my pops. Enjoy.


In addition to shooting stills for the September issue, I also shot and directed my first video for Dwell.


I recently spent the day photographing NYC architect Jeff Sherman and his beautiful Brooklyn brownstone home for the September issue of Dwell. It was inspiring to see what hard work, patience and a lot of creativity could produce on a limited budget. Check out Jeff’s great story here:

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Last month I headed back to SF to shoot Saul Griffith for Details’ feature story “The Makers”. It’s always great when you are invited into a designer/inventors workshop and allowed free reign to snoop around and shoot whatever you like, while chatting about the important issues of the day, like renewable energy and creating electric bicycles that have enough power to pop wheelies. Here are some outtakes from the shoot. You can view the story here:

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Sounds of the Soil at Catherine Edelman Gallery

If you’re in the neighborhood…….My latest series Sounds of the Soil will be showing at Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago. The opening is Friday July 15 and will run until Sept. 3 The show is part of their new Ctrl+P series that brings work found online to gallery walls: Read More »

Fast Company

A couple of months ago I headed down to the Leifsdottir HQ in Philadelphia, PA to photograph founder/head designer Johanna Uurasjarvi for Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People In Business 2011 issue. You can view the article here:

Fast Company

Shot Hub SoMa, Intersection for the Arts and TechShop in San Francisco for Fast Company magazine. You can read the story here: and see outtakes from the shoot here: Read More »

Site Update: Sounds of the Soil

I recently updated the site with a new collection of images I shot while traveling through the Rajasthan region of India last Jan-Feb. I spent 5 weeks traveling all over India; New Delhi, Agra, Varanasi and Goa, but after going through stacks of contact sheets, the images I shot in Rajasthan spoke to me the most. “Sounds of the Soil” is my photographic journey through the beautiful and enigmatic Rajasthan region of India. It’s a region filled with harsh climate and terrain, contrasted with the warm, fun loving spirit of it’s inhabitants. On my journey I met so many interesting individuals, the subjects I was most intrigued by were the ones working this unforgiving land, and the entertainers roaming the dessert with their songs of love, separation, heroism and revelry. Here are some snap shots from the trip:

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Tell Mum Everything Is Ok No.4

I have new work featured in Tell Mum Everything Is Ok No.4, the latest publication from the French publishing house FP&CFTell Mum is a beautiful, color offset printed, 80 page book, featuring a stellar group of international photographers. You can order one here or pick one up at finer book stores around the world.

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Tell Mum Everything Is Ok No.4 Release Party

If you are in Paris tomorrow night make sure to stop by the release party for Tell Mum Everything is Ok No.4, the latest release from French publishing house FP&CF, which I have work featured in.